This is a 15 credit paper, 100 percent internally assessed. This is how the marks are divided up:

Title: Close Reading

Internal Students:
Description: Assignment 1: In-class Test
Worth: 10%
Sat: Session 3
Duration: One hour
Requirements: a pen & some paper

Distance Students:
Description: Assignment 1: Short writing exercise
Worth: 10%
Due in: By the end of week 3
Length: 500 words

  • You will be given - or sent - a short (unseen) piece of travel writing, and asked to write an analysis of it.

Title: Book review
Description: Assignment 2
Worth: 15%
Due in: Session 6
Length: 1000 words

  • Write a review of one of the books listed here (there is an extract from each author's work included in the Course Anthology, but you will be expected to give full consideration to the rest of the text as well).

Title: Local travel Assignment
Description: Assignment 3
Worth: 25%
Due in: Session 8
Length: 1500 words

  • Take public transport: bus / train / ferry to another part of your local region (Auckland, for internal students; wherever you happen to be living, for distance students) – write a piece about your discoveries there.

Title: Final project
Description: Assignment 4
Worth: 45%
Due in: End of week 13
Length: 3000 words

  • This should be a written text, in any of the genres or formats we’ve discussed during the semester (travel narrative / filmscript / radio script / fiction.

Description: Attendance / Participation
Worth: 5%

  • This grade, for both internal and distance students, will be based on how constructively and consistently you take part in class discussion and activities (which necessarily requires being familiar with the readings for each session).

= 100 %

NB: All four assignments are compulsory. You do not have to have passed each of them in order to pass the course, but you do have to have at least handed them in for grading.

There will be a lot of demands made on your organizational abilities in this course. Think ahead, and make sure you always come to class prepared.

[Jules Verne: 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (1870)]

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