Final Project

Description: Written Assignment
Worth: 55%
Due: By the end of week 13
Word-limit: 3500 words

  • This should be a written text, in any of the genres or formats we’ve discussed during the semester (travel narrative / filmscript / radio script / fiction).

  • You may include visual or even audiovisual material with the assignment if you wish, but the assessment will concentrate on the vividness and focus of your writing.

  • The subject matter should be a journey, or description of a locality of some sort.

  • The place or places should be real and not fictional (though certain parts of your narrative may be fictionalised, if you wish).

  • You may travel in the footsteps of another author, or use your own firsthand material.

  • If you wish to use notes or diaries from a past trip, be prepared to revise and supplement them considerably in order to create a compelling narrative.

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